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Holding of ELEN’s 5th Ordinary General Assembly in Barcelona


On June 14, 2013, the 5th General Assembly of ELEN was held in the premises of the Barcelona firm ‘Bufete Conesa Asociados’. It began under the chairmanship of Valdemar Gonçalves, a lawyer from the law firm ‘Valdemar Gonçalves & Asociados’, of Porto.

First, the hosting law office welcomed the attendees, their spouses and companions. Subsequently, Maite Garasa, a lawyer from the firm ‘Bufete Conesa Asociados’ delivered a lecture on the following subject: ‘Commercial establishment in Spain through agency contracts’.

ELEN's Presidents appointment for 2010-2011 and 2011-2012


During the course of the Second ELEN's General Assembly held in Lyon on last 10th and 11th of September it was proceeded to the appointment of the new ELEN's President for the period 2010-2011: the French Lawyer Jean-Jacques Duflos, took over the place of the hitherto ELEN's President, the Spanish Lawyer José Conesa Ballestero.

In turn, it was agreed the future appointment of the Italian Lawyer Vincenzo Carena as President for the year 2011-2012.

Likewise, it has also been agreed that the next ELEN's General Assembly will take place in Italy on June 2011.

Held the 2nd ELEN's General Assembly in Lyon


Last 10th and 11th of September was held the Second ELEN's General Assembly in Lyon. Attended the meeting the three founding partners of the European Legal Network: Bufete Conesa Asociados with offices in Barcelona and Madrid, Studio Avvocato Carena with offices in Turin and Milan and Duflos & Cartigny Associés - Europavocats (previous named D&RH - Avocats) with offices in Lyon and Paris.

ELEN in Portugal. Valdemar Gonçalves & Associados joins the Legal Network


On the 1st of July 2010 were signed the integration agreements as an associate office of ELEN with Mr. Valdemar Gonçalves, holder of the Studio Valdemar Gonçalves & Associados, R.L. which is located in Porto (Portugal). Mr. José Conesa Ballestero, holder of Bufete Conesa Asociados and ELEN's President attended the signing accompained by the economist and Executive Director of Bufete Conesa Asociados Jordi Conesa Sagrera.

Also attended the signing the lawyers Carlos Reis Gonçalves, his wife Rosa Maria Teixeira Gonçalves and Manuela Loureiro dos Santos, as members of the Portuguese firm.

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Celebración de la 1ª Asamblea Ordinaria de ELEN en Barcelona


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Los pasados días 5 y 6 de junio se celebró en el Despacho Conesa & Asociados la primera Asamblea Ordinaria de ELEN, European Legal Network, a la que pertenece este despacho y de la que el Sr. José Conesa Ballestero es el presidente. A ella asistieron los representantes de los despachos D&R.H de Lyon y París, y del estudio del Avocatto Carena de Turín y Milan.

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