ELEN promotes the channeling of legal knowledge of each one of the members of the network as well as the continued development of the practice of international law and the exchange of professionals in the period of work experience through periods of work experience in different venues.

The ELEN network has experienced experts in advising on European and international companies, especially in the field of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by offering a rapid and appropriate assistance to its customers.

Thus, ELEN is a network of offices, economists and fiscal medium-scale operating in various countries. Thus, members of ELEN will advise their clients on the issues raised in international forums, particularly in Europe.

In addition to the various services, ELEN includes actions for responding to the courts of the member countries without losing the common feature of all its members: a personal and direct attention to its clients in all areas of law, both business (commercial, labor, tax, etc.). as civil (family, inheritance, etc.).